Business Overview

Trimel Pharmaceuticals Corporation is a Canadian specialty pharmaceutical company focused on bringing innovative products to market that improve the patient experience and produce strong investor returns. 

The Corporation holds a licence for the development and marketing rights to certain products utilizing a bioadhesive intranasal gel drug delivery technology platform and owns a novel unit-dose dry powder inhaler/nasal dispersion system (“TriVair™”). The Corporation is focussing its present efforts on the development and application of these technologies for therapeutic categories such as (a) male hypogonadism (“low testosterone” or “Low-T”) and (b) female orgasmic disorder. Additionally, the Corporation owns the Canadian rights to ESTRACE® and is overseeing its distribution and marketing in Canada. 

The Corporation’s present drug delivery technology platforms are intended to create products that are expected to be innovative, safer, possibly more effective, easier to use and more practical than competitive products on the market.

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